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Is Alcohol Harmful to Our Health?

Of course – binge drinking (heavy episodic drinking) can lead to serious physical and mental health problems, including accidents, falls, memory deterioration, anti-social and violent behavior. It interferes with the brain’s communication pathways and can affect the way it works. Long-term drinking can also damage your heart, liver, pancreas and immune system.

Did you know it causes nearly 88,000 deaths each year in the United States and also aggregates huge economic losses (alcohol may generate additional costs, especially in the criminal system, in the health system, and in the transport system)? Alcohol screening and brief counselling can prevent all of that. People should see a healthcare professional and talk openly about their problems. Screening gives us all a chance to step in early to prevent and treat a wide range of health problems before it is too late.

What is Alcohol Screening?

Are you at risk for alcohol abuse? Just remember denial is one of the biggest obstacles to getting help for drinking. To determine your risk, attend a screening test. Everyone get to:

  • complete a brief questionnaire evaluating (with great accuracy) your alcohol use – how much and how often you drink and whether you do or do not have a drinking problem;
  • receive counseling about the dangers of drinking too much;
  • be referred to specialized treatments for alcohol dependence.

Now you know why. Every year, Alcohol Screening Awareness Day increase public awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse. It is a United States initiative first launched in 1999 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The main aim of this day is to remind everyone that alcohol abuse and alcoholism are real and that they require screening and further treatment. It also attracts attention to the various health problems connected to alcohol abuse including aggression, depression and sexual problems, heart problems and high blood pressure.Ways to Show Your Support

  • Distribute educational materials to schools, colleges, work places and community centers on the dangers of risky drinking and the need to identify possible problems early.
  • Learn more about the signs and symptoms. The more you know about alcoholism, the easier it will be for you to help and support others.
  • Alcohol screening is very important for any workplace or organization. Alcoholism can brutally damage the atmosphere and reputation of an establishment. It also affects the quality of work of employees and can damage public relations. So alcohol screening tests are a necessary step towards the growth of a company or organization.
  • Share your knowledge and make other people understand the dangers involved in consuming alcohol and how it ruins entire families. Highlight the need for a screening test. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… ) so you can reach your goal – social websites have the enormous power to spread any message.
  • Encourage your friends, colleagues and family members to make small changes, like keeping track of their drinking habits. If you believe someone close to you may have health issues, make them understand the importance of screening tests.
  • Wear red to show you’re involved (substance abuse awareness is represented by the color red).
  • Write a newsletter to the editor of your local newspaper sharing your opinion on why people need to take such precautions.
  • Organize a seminar in your community to promote alcohol screenings in collaboration with your local and national officials. Invite students, healthcare professionals and the general public. Explain that alcohol dependence is a serious medical problem. People need to know that high-quality treatment for this condition is available to those who need it. Surprise your seminar attendees with memorable customized gifts. Silicone wristbands printed with an awareness message on alcohol screening is one of the best choices in view of the easy customizable nature of these products. They are simple, ideal for everyday wear and easily available online.

Together, we can do our best to fight against alcohol abuse. Make a difference and spread the message further!

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